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The Rocktupus, a Weird 3D Template You Should Try

If you have a 3D printer and you’re into making weird stuff for your friends, you might want to check out this new template from cults3D. It’s got two things mashed together in some type of odd haberdashery. Those things are Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and an octopus.

The pattern is by UNION3DPRINTING, who only has this one design listed on their page. They’ve categorized this as a fidget toy so I suppose you can use it for that, but it would look pretty weird out in public. Maybe that’s all the more reason to do it.

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Some places you could keep your new Rocktopus buddy might be in the bathroom to scare your company. In a cupboard to scare your partner. On the bathroom counter so that it can always “smell what the Rock is cooking.” Perhaps in a potted plant, or somewhere that his tentacles could easily hide. Like in a spider plant!

You can download and print this pattern here. If you do print this, show us where you decided to put him!

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