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The Device Orchestra Performs “Seven Nation Army”

The Device Orchestra is known for creating some pretty cool creations. They use things like electric toothbrushes, credit card machines, old dot matrix printers to create songs that we grew up listening to. Their latest endeavor has them playing The White Stripes (Jack White, Meg White) “Seven Nation Army” on a range of devices you can find at home. I can’t imagine how much work this was to program but I’d assume an ear for music is a must when doing something like this.

The Device Orchestra, YouTube

To be honest, it reminds me a lot of that scene in “The Brave Little Toaster when they’re at the gadget shop. You know the one with the creepy song where all the appliances get things removed and then Frankensteined together again? Only this doesn’t have them singing with lyrics, just with the buzz buzz of being turned on and off again. Check out the video below, It’s definitely something to be seen!

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