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Incredibly Satisfying: Christmas Domino Build Topples Thousands of Bricks

Christmas is here, and it’s time to go all in! What’s better than tearing open beautifully wrapped presents? How about watching thousands of holiday-themed dominos fall into place after hours of meticulous preparation? Hevesh5 created a beautiful video of dominos toppling in the shapes of Santa, his sleigh, stockings, a Christmas wreath, and much more.

Lily Hevesh, aka Hevesh5, is a Domino Artist. She designs, builds and topples thousands of dominos to create beautifully intricate chain reactions. She is a full time domino artist and does commercial projects for Hollywood films, TV shows, and events. Her mission is to encourage others to be creative, learn by doing, and get involved in this STEAM-based hobby and art form.

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I audibly gasped when they put the clip art into the stockings. Once I realized it was just video editing I felt a little silly but I stand by the reaction. It’s a great touch and something that surprised me.

The video was only posted a week ago, and already has over two million views. There’s really nothing as satisfying as watching dominos fall and listening to them clack as they do.

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