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The Biggest Wins in Casino History

Sometimes, the excitement of gambling makes it hard not to get caught up in it. There’s something about the thought of becoming a multi-millionaire that makes your heart beat faster. Chances are very low, but some people have become multi-millionaires after just one jackpot spin, and others after a decade of waiting.

Think again if you ever thought new online casinos 2022 gambling was nothing more than a trend or an irrelevant hype; because it can pay off. According to these reviews, it doesn’t matter if you win small amounts of money over time or a lot of money all at once; Canadian casino-goers often emerge victorious. Kevin N. Cochran writes about how Canada’s biggest wins in casinos are jaw-dropping and will change your mind about gambling as a fun and profitable thing to do, whether you want to go at it strategically or just to try your luck! Let’s get inspired!

Anonymous Winner of $21.3 Million

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In June 1999, an unnamed man from Illinois was very lucky and earned a large amount of money. This man won at Caesars Palace when he played the MegaBucks Machine at the hotel. He won after he bet only $10! We should get excited about that because it’s a good return on investment!

Johanna Heundl Won $22.6 Million in the Lottery

Johanna Heundl didn’t think she would win in Las Vegas. She had brunch at Bally’s, a well-known hotel and casino that serves breakfast and lunch and decided to play MegaBucks at the casino. Since it was her first time playing, she put down $170. And to her luck, she made $22.6 million on her first try! Some people are simply on the right game at the right time!

A Retired Flight Attendant Won $27.6 Million on a Lottery

It was at MegaBucks again! A 67-year-old ex-flight attendant told us about this big victory. For her show, she was performing at the Palace Station Hotel. She had a $100 budget for the show. She did, however, spend $300 while playing and then won a lot of money. Before this, she had won $680,000. This was her second big win. 

$34.95 Million on Megabucks Again!

To celebrate the birthday of her soon-to-be mother-in-law, Cynthia Jay-Brennan played at the MegaBucks slot machine instead of going out to eat. She won the biggest Megabucks prize on her ninth try. 

Cynthia Jay-Brennan quit her job, got married, and set out to see the world, but fate had other plans. It was only a few weeks after she won money at the casino that her luck ran out. She was involved in a terrible car accident. Cynthia was paralyzed, and her sister was killed in the tragedy. How quickly fortune can change is a stark reminder of the uncertainty of life.

A $39.7 Million Win by an Anonymous Player

It was easy for this unknown gambler to make money, although unexpected. He visited the Excalibur Casino while waiting for a basketball game to start. With a $100 deposit, he decided to play video slots at the casino. The odds were against him, with just a one in 16.7 million chance that he’d win. Despite the bad odds, he won!

Archie Karas Won a Whopping $40 Million

Archie Karas is a very good poker player who usually plays for big money. However, it was his million-dollar win that made him a household name in the world of gambling. At a poker game in December of 1992, Archie Karas lost a huge amount of money: $2 million. After that, he went to Las Vegas to play more games. People would usually stop after losing 2 million, but not Archie.

A friend of his gave him $10,000 to play high-stakes Razz at Binion’s Horseshoe casino. He had $50 in his pocket when he went to the casino. He had $17 million in no time, which he used to pay off his debt with a 50% interest rate. He kept on winning until he had $40 million. However, his good fortune soon ran out, and he lost everything he had. Lady luck doesn’t like greed.

Gloria Mckenzie Hit the Motherload with $591.5 Million in the Lottery

There was a Powerball Lottery in May of 2013. Gloria McKenzie had the best single record of winning in May of 2013. This 84-year-old woman beat all the odds. The story is better than the lottery itself, mostly because we can’t enjoy the money.

There was a line for Gloria McKenzie to buy a lottery ticket, but the person in front let her cut in. With that, she won! Kindness doesn’t always work out in your favour. A strange lesson to learn indeed.


Gambling is a natural part of who we are. Besides that, most people dream of a big win. However, not every person who won a place on our list has the “greedy gene.” In fact, most of the victories were not even planned. It also helps when casinos have a catchy banner. You can create your own with this online banner maker. Catching a persons eye can be fundamental in them using your slot machines.

Lucky things like this, on the other hand, keep gamblers going. These casino history stories will show you that luck could be right around the corner.

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