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How Much Does Netflix Cost in Different Countries?

Netflix is one of the most successful online video streaming platforms. The service is available in more than 190 countries worldwide. Its library of TV shows and movies varies and expands depending upon the region or country.

Although it is a paid service, it still has a huge fan following with billions of active users worldwide. However, Netflix’s pricing policies and structure are different in each country. There are some countries that pay more while others enjoy Netflix content for lower prices.

Therefore, you should take advantage of technology to avail cheaper subscriptions and access the global content. Despite living anywhere in the world, you can buy Netflix cheaper plans with a geo-spoofing technique. Here is the pricing comparison for Netflix’s basic, standard, and premium subscriptions.

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How Much Does Netflix Cost in Canada?

The Canadian library is one of the best demanded Netflix libraries that offers more than 5,400 titles for watching TV shows and movies. If you are interested to know more about Netflix Canada plans, scroll down for updated information on the current pricing:

1. Basic Plan (1 Screen allowed with SD Content)

You can stream the entire Netflix library for watching TV shows, movies, Netflix originals at $9.99/month on a basic subscription.

 2. Standard Subscription (2 Screen allowed with HD Content)

It is one of the most convenient packages at $14.99/month offered by Netflix where you can watch unlimited movies and TV shows with Netflix original productions.

3. Premium Subscription (4 Screen allowed with Ultra HD Content)

Netflix premium package costs $18.99/month that offers unlimited TV shows, movies, and other content with four device licenses to stream simultaneously.

Best Countries Pricing Comparison – Netflix Basic Plans

If you are the one who only needs one screen license to access all TV shows and movies then following is a comparison of the best countries to reap the best value out of Netflix basic subscription from international regions.

Best Cost-Effective CountriesMost Expensive CountriesBest Value for Money
Argentina – $3.28/monthSwitzerland – $12.40/monthArgentina – $3.28/month for nearly 5000 Titles
Turkey – $3.68/monthDenmark – $11.63/monthColombia – $4.95/month for Over 4500 Titles
Brazil – $4.13/monthPanama – $8.99/monthAustralia – $5.93/month for approx. 5500 Titles
Colombia – $4.95/monthEl Salvador -$8.99/monthTurkey – $3.68/month for approx. 4500 Titles
Mexico – $6.44/monthCosta Rica – $8.99/monthBrazil – $4.13/month for approx. 4500 Titles
India – $6.81/month
Philippines – $7.67/month
Canada – $7.86/month
Indonesia – $8.53/month
Malaysia – $8.67/month

Best Netflix Countries for Standard and Premium Plans

Netflix users demand two screens for viewing TV shows and movies; the standard plan is a suitable plan for such viewers while others are looking for more than two screens. In such a case, the premium subscription is a perfect match for these members that allow watching from four screens.

Best Countries for Netflix Standard PlanMonthly Cost Best Countries for Netflix Premium PlanMonthly Cost 
Colombia $7.88/monthIndia $10.90/month
India $8.85/monthSouth Africa$10.99/month
South Africa$9.04/monthIndonesia $13.23/month
Indonesia $10.88/monthMalaysia$13.62/month

How to Buy a Cheaper Netflix Subscription?

Binge-watchers can use a simple geo-spoofing tool like the VPN service to buy a cheaper Netflix subscription. All they need is to connect their VPN server to a country where Netflix costs less and buy a suitable plan.

After that, they can change their Netflix region to access other international Netflix libraries like American Netflix, Canadian library, UK Netflix, Japanese Netflix, and others. Here are the simple steps of instructions in 2021 to purchase and watch any Netflix library from anywhere in the world. 

  1. Use a trusted VPN connection
  2. Download a relevant VPN app
  3. Connect VPN server to a country like Argentina or Turkey for cheaper plan
  4. Visit Argentina or Turkish Netflix
  5. Purchase a suitable plan
  6. Start watching any country Netflix by changing Netflix region

Best Ten Netflix Libraries for Viewing Top Content

Once you have purchased the Netflix service, you can switch your Netflix region any time to enjoy a different version of Netflix for mixed TV shows and movies. Here are a few best regions for an unforgettable binge-watch session.

  1. American Netflix – Access to over 5,500 titles (TV Shows and Movies)
  2. Netflix UK – Stream more than 5,200 titles (TV Shows and Movies) 
  3. Canadian Netflix – Watch over 5,000 titles (TV Shows and Movies)
  4. Australian Netflix – See more than 5,600 titles (TV Shows and Movies)
  5. Indian Netflix – Watch more than 4,000 titles (TV Shows and Movies)
  6. Japanese Netflix – Biggest Netflix library with 6,000 plus titles (TV Shows and Movies)
  7. Slovakian Netflix – Access to 3,000+ titles (TV Shows and Movies)
  8. Netflix Hungary – See 3,800 + titles (TV Shows and Movies)
  9. Singaporean Netflix – Get more than 5,000 titles (TV Shows and Movies)
  10. Brazilian Netflix – Stream 3,900 + titles (TV Shows and Movies)

Wrapping Up

Netflix offers different content and pricing in each country in the world. Therefore, binge-watchers can take advantage of such policies to get most out of the Netflix service, whether that be subscribing for a cheaper Netflix subscription or unblocking a different library altogether!

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