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Hyde & EEK! Boutique Reveals New Halloween Cat Scratch Pad Houses

Target’s Hyde & EEK! Boutique is once again selling Halloween cat houses. Last year they did this for not only Halloween, but Christmas too. The designs are always nice enough to have out along with your other seasonal décor, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. They range from about $15 to $25 for the larger two story ones.

This year they have one that looks like a Witches’ hat, A candy shop, a clock tower, a haunted house and a spooky graveyard! Also there is a $35 version that’s a freaking glow in the dark pirate ship. How can you NOT want that?

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Your cat’s won’t understand the beauty of them but they will understand the functionality. Each house has a cat scratch pad which for me is a huge seller. Those retail for $6+ so if I can make it into something cooler for just $10 more I’m in. Plus it’s way better than my cat scratching on the box spring to my bed.

These are also very easy to put together. You just have to fold them and stick the places with sticky tape together. You peel back a sticker so everything you need is already there. Easy peasy.


You can check out the cat houses on Target’s website here.

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