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Starfleet Academy “Star Trek” Series Aimed At Younger Audience Coming

When you think back on how you were first introduced to “Star Trek,” how old were you when it really clicked? I remember watching episodes of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and liking the outfits and the banter when I was in elementary school. But I didn’t really understand what was so great about it until my early 20’s when I binged everything from “TOS” to “DS9” (which is one of the best ones). When I think about how kids will be introduced to it today, I’m not worried. Parents who love the shows are absolutely doing their due diligence. But what of kids who have parents who don’t like the show? Well soon they will have a great entry point into the show’s world via a new series focusing on Starfleet Academy.

Alex Kurtzman recently signed a major $160 million deal with Paramount to extend his presence for the next 5 years, and has big plans for expanding the Star Trek Universe.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Kurtzman talked a bit about the future of “Star Trek“:

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Also in the works are “Section 31,” starring Michelle Yeoh, and a show built around the Starfleet Academy, which will be aimed at a younger audience.

But how much “Star Trek” does one planet need?

“I think we’re just getting started,” Mr. Kurtzman said. “There’s just so much more to be had.”

The New York Times

This Starfleet Academy series is NOT the same as Nickelodeon’s upcoming “Star Trek: Prodigy” which sees the return of Kate Mulgrew as Captain Katherine Janeway- we just felt like pointing that out.

It’s an exciting prospect because of all the kids that miss out on amazing stories from the Star Trek Universe. Sure, you could probably show a young kid the episode about the tribbles and they would get it to some degree. But the love for the show won’t become engrained until they’re a bit older. Yes, it would hold nostalgia. But this is an opportunity to get young kids and teens REALLY into the more serious Trek stories.

The show will be featured on Paramount+. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming series!

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