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Your Vaccine Cards Need Protection, Too, So Go Nerdy!

As of May 3rd, 44.4% of the US population have at least one vaccine dose and 31.8% of the US population are fully vaccinated. As COVID-19 vaccinations have been making their way throughout the United States of America there have been some concerns on how to properly preserve vaccine cards. Staples and Office Depot have been reported to offer free lamination of complete COVID-19 vaccination cards. It’s not nerdylicious and we have found a shop that will take care of your vaccination card nerdifications!

Epic Cardholders is a small business making fun zip sleeves for your COVID-19 vaccination cards! One woman runs this whole shop and handmakes each item. Styles vary from Marvel, Disney, “Hamilton,” and even “Schitt’s Creek” inspired designs. Each one is hand designed and layered to give you a fun upgrade from a standard sleeve. 

Artify – Square
Hamilton themed sleeve with the silhouette of alexander hamilton pointing to the sky with "Took My Shot" in black font over a Golden star.
Hamilton inspired sleeve “Took My Shot”

Here are a few that I and Alejandro have purchased from the seller:

supernatural inspired sleeve with the supernatural logo and the phrase "salt n burn" on the right side.
Salt – N – Burn. Supernatural inspired sleeve

This is a personal favorite for any “Supernatural” fans. The vaccine sleeve types and colors are customizable when placing your order on Etsy.

jeff goldblum inspired dr ian malcom jurassic park sleeve that says "life, uh, finds a way" with image of goldblum pondering.
Life, uh, Finds a Way.
Dr Ian Malcom, Jurassic Park inspired sleeve
Keep Going!
1 of 1,762

Who doesn’t love Jeff Goldblum? We do! Doctor Ian Malcom here to protect your vaccine cards!

fifth element inspired vaccine sleeve with "Multipass" to look like the film's ID.
Multipass. Fifth Element inspired Sleeve

This is a fan favorite has a “Fifth Element” to it. Small Domestic orders (within the United States) qualify for Free Shipping!

plastic sleeve for vaccine cards themed to captain marvel with the words "higher, further, faster" and the captain marvel emblem
Higher, Further, Faster. Captain Marvel inspired Sleeve

We are happy to let you know that there is a giveaway happening for Epic Cardholders! With the latest announcement of “The Marvels,” Epic Cardholders has a giveaway of this awesome Captain Marvel inspired COVID-19 vaccine sleeve! This is a limited time only. You can find more details on their Instagram.

You can purchase your very own sleeve on their Website. Get your vaccine for COVID-19 and purchase your very own protection for that vaccine card! 

*NOTE: Purchasing a fake vaccine card is a Federal Crime, don’t do it. 

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