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UK Royal Navy Showing Off Jumping Capabilities With Jetpacks?!?

Jetpack manufacturer Gravity Industries shared a video of a ship boarding exercise involving the British Royal Navy. You can see people using their jetpack suits to jump from a small boat to a bigger ship. This could be useful if someone needed to get from place A to place B quickly. But, this probably wouldn’t be very stealthy due to the noise the suit emits. In this instance, the suit was being used for an exercise called a “visit, board, search and seizure” or a VBSS.

One commenter said that they hoped that the ships they were boarding in the future would be good sports about it. TheCureForHope on YouTube said, “Hopefully everyone they are boarding is as nice about it. They seem pretty defenseless while in rocketeer mode.”

Whether it turns out to be a functional mode of transportation or just them showing off a cool new toy you have to admit that this is impressive. Who would have thought that one day you would see a man floating in the air above an ocean jumping from ship to ship. No land in sight and so many feet of water beneath you you can’t see all the way down. Let’s just hope no jumping sea animals think that you’re food while up there in the air. Take this blast of air Mr. Shark, I’m not your food!

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