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Full Sized ‘Fifth Element’ Candle Holders Perfect For A Geeky Home

Want to keep the feeling of nerdy through your house but also want to keep it sexy? Check out these full sized replicas of the element stones from The Fifth Element by FidgetUniverseUS.

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They have standard ones and also ones with cut outs in the top to hold a tea light. A tea light for those that don’t know is a small candle. The pillars are made out of Polyactic Acid Resin.

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We have been asked by several customers for a modification of our Fifth Element Stones that allows a tea light candle to fit at the top. We now have a model that does just this! Each stone will have one hole at the top to fit any basic tea light candle with plenty of room in case there is slight variation in size. The stone that is shown in the photos is one of the Earth stones, more pictures will be posted very soon. This is a very high quality replica from the movie including color, shape, and size. Each stone is about 9.4 inches tall. We tried as best as we could to print it at 1:1 proportion based on the size from the movie as well, but as with any of our products, you have the ability to customize the size, color, weight, or anything else you can think of as long as you contact us and let us know. We 3D print our products and have the capability to adjust any of the parameters for you, so your imagination is the limit.


These are really cool and the first thing my husband said when he saw them was “I want those”. So with his seal of approval I present to you this very nerdy, very cool, candle holder.

You can check out the listing by clicking the link here.

Nerdbot does not make anything off the sale of this item we just thought you would like to know.

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