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Let’s Talk About The “Supernatural” Series Finale [Spoiler Free Review]

It’s hard to believe that as of this writing, “Supernatural” is done for good. Unexpectedly, this is has been the most reviewed series I’ve done, writing recaps of episodes, seasons, and even announcement articles. Even more surprising, is that I didn’t even watch my first episode until this year.

Somehow, it has become my most talked about show, and though for many fans it was 15 years of devotion, the mark it has left on this binge watcher feels shockingly deep.

Now, with the “Supernatural” series finale complete, fans must grapple with the fact that they’ve just witnessed their last hunt.

I didn’t do an episode recap of s15e19 “Inherit the Earth” because in reality, “Carry On” felt like the other half of a longer finale. Episode 19 was about wrapping up the stories of our friends and enemies. Both episode 18 and 19 give Cass, Chuck, Death, even Jack are all given a proper send off or a definitive conclusion. Like many seasons prior, it was the final boss battle, demonstrating that the Winchesters will always find a way no matter the odds. Even in the face of God, they are defiant to the end, and by their freedom becoming their greatest strength, save the day one last time.

But it’s not really their story, it’s Jack’s. “Inherit the Earth” could have easily been the end of the series and that would’ve sufficed. However, as creator Eric Kripke has stated, the show began with the Winchester brothers, it should end with them too.

It is because of this deep understanding of what has driven the show beyond any other of its kind that “Carry On” is so effective and needed. Jack and Cass and Chuck all get their endings, but what happens when there is quite literally no one left but Sam and Dean? How does it all REALLY end? The challenge is that for 15 seasons, Sam and Dean have continuously found ways to prolong their need to stay together. Every death can be reversed, every curse can be broken, every apocalypse can be stopped. So what’s really at stake? what’s to stop them from (pun intended) carrying on and on and on?

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“Carry On” manages to answer this question in a more satisfying way than anyone could’ve expected or hoped for. To be fair, most series finales of shows living long past their prime are worst than their jumping shark moments (here’s looking at you “Dexter“). But “Supernatural” seems very aware of its ending and their fans, giving a conclusion that is both heartfelt and fitting. It is a rare series finale that has its cake and gets to eat it too. Admittedly, this is difficult to articulate without spoilers. Though most recaps blow caution to the wind (don’t google “Supernatural” right now if you don’t want spoilers, trust me).

The series finale manages to pack a lot into a little without losing its punching power. There’s a hunt, there’s pie, there’s adversity, there’s goodbyes and un-expected reunions. Without context, I promise the aforementioned description doesn’t spoil “Carry On.” What it does do is give you hope and assurance that you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be sad it’s over, but that was expected no matter the episode. The truth is, “Supernatural” has always been a show that gets it. Even in the times that it meanders and carries on too long, the show is acutely aware that at its core, it has always been about family.

A show consistently knowing its core values is hard to find anywhere, but a show knowing them so well they can wrap up 15 seasons with it? Well, there’s really only one show like that, and it’s this one.

It’s the send off fans deserve, and the best ending Sam and Dean could hope for. Just like “Supernatural” itself, I’m sure I’ll find another reason to write about the Winchesters again. But if this is truly the last time I write about “Supernatural,” I am comforted in knowing that “Carry On” is the last word.

And that, is the road so far.

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