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Did Disneyland Remove the Hanging Man from Haunted Mansion?

Earlier today, the official Disney Parks Blog posted a big ol update about The Haunted Mansion’s face lift. We knew the Imagineers were hard at work updating more than one attraction. In a way, Disneyland’s pandemic shutdown was a good thing for getting the work done quickly. And, without interrupting guests!

The Haunted Mansion updates look pretty good, actually. Nothing too drastic-


What about the Hanging Man in the elevator portion?!?

A quick glance at this video posted by the Parks Blog almost makes it look like….he’s….gone?

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Back in July of 2020, folks were discussing the hanging man, and whether or not the parks should consider removing him from the ride. Yes, the Haunted Mansion is a celebration of the macabre, but one could argue the hanging man doesn’t really fit the rest of the tongue in cheek depictions of death.

Sure, it could just be a bad view of that moment on the ride, but. Guess we’ll have to wait for the parks to reopen on April 30th, 2021.

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