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This Candle Company Makes Your Home Smell Like Disneyland Rides

Magic Candle Company sells some of the most loved smells of Disneyland. From everything from Pirates to the Caribbean to the entry way of the Haunted Mansion, this candle company has the scent you love all packed away in candle form. They have to be slick about naming the scents because of copyright issues, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t smell exactly like what you remember from the park.

There is nothing better than turning the corner for any of Disney’s dark rides(especially pirates) and smelling the water. It’s one of my favorite smells of the entire place and now I can get it in not only candle form but wax melts and a magic plug in as well. They also sell these scents in air fresheners, room sprays and oils.

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Check this one out by clicking here

Pirate Life

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Check this one out by clicking here

Flying Over The Orange Grove

You can check it out by clicking here.

They have a bunch more than this too. These just happen to be some of our favorite ride inspired ones. If you couldn’t tell, that last scent is from Soarin’ Over California which they only have for limited times only after changing the ride to Soarin’ Over The World.

If you want to check out their whole collection you can by clicking the link here.

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