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Tom Brady Gears Up for Super Bowl Reading Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel has this ongoing skit where he gets celebrities to read mean tweets geared towards them. In this edition, we have Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady (who will be making his 10th appearance in the Super Bowl) reading his very own mean tweets.

The results? Pretty hilarious!

“Tom Brady you suck booty….you ugly… You suck… you throw like a fat lady with a flabby arm and a little girl…butt face #TomBrady #sucks”

These are all pretty great but the fact that he’s now going to be in his 10th Super Bowl is pretty historic. He’s now won six Super Bowls, and is on his way to making history as the oldest person to ever play in a Super Bowl.

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You have to admit that no matter what team you’re rooting for this is going to be a day that goes down in history. Go team!

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