“The Mandalorian” Gets a Perfect 90’s Sitcom Opening

Nerdist Remix Studios just made something so purely 90s that I can’t help but laugh. If you remember the 90s was full of shows like “Family Matters”, “Growing Pains”, and “Full House”, each with their own special song and opening. All with the same hokey footage and font to introduce the cast of characters. Now thanks to editor Matt Caron we have our own version of that for “The Mandalorian.” Check out the video below.

One of my favorite parts is how they took the title card and added some “Saved by the Bell” aesthetic to jazz it up a bit. This whole video makes “The Mandalorian” feel like a very family friendly sitcom with teachable moments throughout the way. And with episodes that would no doubt end with someone saying “oh Grogu!” *insert laugh track here.


Nerdist did a great job with this one and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

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