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Scientists 3D Printed A Microscopic USS Voyager From “Star Trek”

While researching how microswimmers work in order to find new ways for drug delivery systems, scientists decided to have a little fun with it. They were 3D printing different things and watching how the platinum coating reacted on a hydrogen peroxide solution when they thought, let’s do something fun. And by fun we mean the nerdy, science fun we all love to see. They decided they would 3D print Star Trek’s USS Voyager and watch it propel itself around.

What’s cool about this teeny tiny Voyager is that it’s only 15 micrometers (0.015 millimeters) long. That’s crazy small! It’s actually for a purpose however more than just being for fun. They are using it for a part of a project that researchers at Leiden University are conducting. To understand how shape affects the motion and interactions of microswimmers.

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Each differently shaped object effected how they would swim through the solution. And while they probably won’t use this shape in any final product it’s definitely still cool to see that the fandom is still running strong.

Live Long and Prosper! And if you want to read more about the project you can click the link here.

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