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Formerly Homeless Man Moves into First 3D-Printed Tiny Home

70-year old Tim Shea is now the first formerly homeless person living in a 3D printed tiny home! ICON has built six tiny houses in Austin’s Community First! Village, which is dedicated to affordable homes for adults coming out of chronic homelessness. The tiny homes are in a community run by Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

Shea, who is a former addict and formerly homeless, now pays just $300 a month to live in the tiny home. The house is 400 square feet. As well as a reduced rent Community First! Village also provides support programs to help the residents.

“When I found out I’d be the first person in America to move into a 3D-printed home, I thought it was pretty awesome. The very people I used to run away from, I’m running to. If you’ve been on both sides of the fence, you know some people just need a little encouragement and support.”

Shea told The Post
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Mobile Loaves & Fishes is making a great effort to mitigate homelessness in the city of Austin. Currently the project is in phase one but when it finally reaches full capacity over 200 formerly homeless people will live there. Some of the added programs on site are an outdoor kitchen, laundry facilities and showers, cinema, and tons of others listed here.

This is an amazing program that will help the homeless problem in Austin. Hopefully if it becomes a success story they will implement this in other states as well.

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