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P-Bandai Reveals New Pokémon Metapod Sleeping Bag For Adults

Ready to sleep the day away? I know I am. And what better sleeping bag to take to work for naptime than this new Metapod sleeping bag for adults! P-Bandai has just revealed that they are selling this amazing product that is pretty much the embodiment of how many of us feel. Remember Metapod’s awesome power? Yeah it’s just harden.. so if you want to let it be known that you’re nothing but a lump this would be a good signifier.

This thing is going for 35,000 yen on P-Bandai’s website. The tax is included in the price and they do offer international shipping. Wondering what 35,000 yen is in USD? Well it’s going to run you about $332.92. How much do you love Metapod? Well I hope it’s at least that much because it’s honestly a bit pricey.

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One thing that I imagine would be cool though if you did end up getting one of these is that you could take it to an anime convention and just set down camp anywhere. Probably best to find a place you won’t get tripped over but you’d be able to just nap and recharge. Bonus points if your cosplay while inside is a Butterfree so that when you emerge you will be a beautiful butterfly. Surely even just lounging as Metapod is worth con-goers taking many pictures and posting on social media. So you’ll at least have some solid memories of your time napping at a convention.

To check on the item click the link here.

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