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“Ghostbusters” Reebok Sneakers Have Mini Proton Packs Attached!

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Someone with these awesome shoes! Reebok has come out with some really awesome “Ghostbusters” shoes and they are the best design we’ve seen in a while. When it comes to shoe collaborations with fandoms sometimes they can be a a real miss. But these? These are right on the money and exactly what fans want to see in Ghostbuster-themed shoe.

As of right now, these sneakers are only available on Reebok’s Australian website, but according to, we should be seeing them

The Ghostbusters x Reebok “Ghostsmasher” have everything from an illustration of Slimer on the tongue to an actual proton pack in the back. The colors are beautiful too.

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Serious nerd cred to whomever gets a pair of these. Currently they are only listed on the Reebok Australia site but were hoping for them to drop sometime soon on the US store as well. If not, then best to befriend someone in the Down Under and see if they can pick you up a pair.


Ghostbusters x Reebok “Ghostsmasher”

($150): Named after Dan Aykroyd’s first script for what would eventually become the classic film Ghostbusters, Reekbok’s Ghostsmasher sneakers feature a worn, ’80s aesthetic with a removable faux OG Pump proton pack, a hand-drawn “No-Ghost” logo on the tongue, and a caution stripe-style Reebok logo. 

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These shoes will cost you a pretty penny though. Listed at $300 on the Australian site, they are definitely an investment. According to CB, they’ll retail for around $150 US.

And, there’s this set too.

Ghostbusters x Reebok Classic Leather (Prices range from $50 for Toddler sizes to $100 for Adult sizes): The design of the Classic Leather style is inspired by the Ghostbusters jumpsuit and features details like an embroidered quarter window box logo, caution stripes on the heel with a graphic that reads “Ready to Believe You”, lace aglet with the phone number to call if you’ve seen a ghost, proton blaster sockliner graphic, and a welded Ghostbusters logo on the tongue. 

You can check them out on Reebok’s Australian site here. They will be available to order starting October 30th at 1:00 PM GMT or 3:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time. And again, you may need to have it shipped to someone in Australia and have them ship to you in the states.


We’ll be keeping an eye on this listing and if it comes online for the US site we will let you know!

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