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Eat Meals Out of this Food-Safe Resin Human Skull

When you grow up, sometimes collecting mundane things become the most fun. For me it’s always been kitchen stuff; bowls, plate sets, decorative towels. I’m now adding this skull bowl to the list.

This skull bowl is made with food safe resin and would be a great way to serve guests at a dinner party. Especially if you’re having a murder mystery party or horror movie marathon. Catacomb Culture on Etsy is selling them for about $175 and they hold 16 fluid ounces each. They also offer the option to have it made in “bone white”, a custom color, or they will make you a unique design with colors of your choice.
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Additionally the artist offers spells and blessings to be cast on the bowl by special request. So I’m assuming that means if you have certain things you want addressed, like maybe digestive issues, they could cast a blessing on the bowl to help you with things like that.

You can check out the listing for the bowl by clicking the link here. And the official store for Catacomb culture by clicking the link here.

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