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Need Asteroid Insurance? Florida Company Wants to Cover You!

Yet another thing to add to 2020 Bingo- an asteroid named 2018 VP1 will pass close to Earth around November 2nd (as if Election Day wasn’t gonna be stressful enough, right?). To help some people deal with the possibility of a celestial collision, one Florida broker is now offering asteroid insurance.

To be fair though, Mike St. Lawrence of Saint Lawrence Agency in Altamonte Springs really stressed that his policies are only “intended for someone with a sense of humor.”

This is the same insurance company that offered a policy against alien abductions during 2019’s “Storm Area 51” thing. Man. What simpler times.

$25 will give you $10 million of coverage. You can download a digital copy of your policy as soon as you buy it, but the agency will also send a membership card in the mail. 

You can read all about St. Lawerence’s asteroid insurance on their official website here.

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Don’t worry though, NASA’s official Asteroid Watch Twitter account says 2018VP1 is very small, has a very slight chance of even coming close enough to enter our atmosphere, and even if it did- would disintegrate due to it’s small size.

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