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Here’s a Rubber Chicken Cover of the “Attack on Titan” Theme

Need a laugh but you’ve watched all the shitty fluted videos? Well boy do I have a great video for you! It’s a rubber chicken version of the “Attack on Titan” theme song. Thank Chickensan on YouTube for this masterpiece.

“Attack on Titan” is one of the best received anime in a long time and we are currently waiting on season four to drop. Unfortunately with COVID-19 putting things on hold the date for the new season to come out has yet to be announced. They’ve also said that they would be moving it to a new production studio.

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Fortunately though we have a trailer for the upcoming season so we know that they are hard at work at least planning it out, and if not planning then waiting for a safe time to resume work.

I for one can’t wait to see Levi and Erin mess things up as they move back into the place they originated from. There’s a lot that happens in this show and if you haven’t watched it yet? I fully recommend it.

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