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Nintendo Plushies Lined Seats at Korean Baseball Game

In a cute move to fill now empty stadium seats in Korea were lined with various Nintendo Pokémon Plushies. The pictures from the broadcast are the best things we’ve seen lately.

When you compare this to the South Korean soccer team that was fined for using sex dolls to fill the stadium (yes really) it makes us smile to know that someone thought to use the plushies instead. Other places that are pushing social distancing are using blow up dolls (the G-rated kind) and mannequins. Others are using hats with pool noodles and even Burger King came out with a social distancing crown.

It’s nice that we can play “Who’s that Pokémon” with the images. Can you spot Snorlax?

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You can see that not just Nintendo Pokémon plushies were used, but a whole bunch of kawaii faces lined the seats as well.

Source: Nintendo Soup

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