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Burger King Debuts New Social Distancing Crown

Burger King’s in Germany have rolled out a new cardboard crown you can wear to help measure the distance between you and other people.

Image Credit Burger King Deutschland / Facebook

Each crown is 6 feet in diameter. So 3 feet around you any which way. If the brim of your hat touches another you’re getting too close. Other Burger Kings are doing different things as well to keep people apart. In Italy they have created the “Social Distancing Whopper” which has three times the amount of raw onions that a regular whopper would have.

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Burger King Social Distancing Whopper Ad

This is probably the least creepy way to go about promoting social distancing. I’d even go so far as to call it fun! As restaurants start to open back up for indoor seating different places have been applying different methods to keep people seated apart. Some places have placed mannequins while others have gotten blow up dolls(don’t worry they’re the G-rated kind). There was even a stadium event that used the not G-rated kind of doll in South Korea. But no matter what you’re using the message is the same. Stay apart from each other and be safe.

This is just one way that restaurants are trying to keep people safe. Other places such as McDonald’s has already announced that when indoor seating does start happening again there will be some major differences. There will be no use of the self-serve soda machines and they will either have them blocked off or a staff member will be manning the tap. Also those order screens that a lot of McDonalds have had installed will have to be wiped down constantly to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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