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In 6 Months, “Marvel’s Daredevil” TV Rights Revert to Marvel Studios

It’s hard to imagine almost two years have already gone by since the fateful day word came down that Netflix had cancelled their “Marvel’s Daredevil” series as well as the other Defenders titles.

It was a different time then, and we were all expecting the shows to go on for much longer than they did.

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in “Marvel’s Daredevil,” photo courtesy of Netflix

As it turns out, today is another milestone for the Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Nofrio starring series about the Man Without Fear. According to Heroic Hollywood (who drew our attention to this fact, thanks guys!), the fan-run Save Daredevil Instagram account pointed out the particular relevance of June 1st.

As of today, it is six months until the rights to develop and produce additional content based on the character of Daredevil/Matt Murdock revert back from Netflix to Marvel Studios.

There have been no shortage of rumors that Marvel Studios by way of Disney+ may possibly pick the series up for streaming, and MAYBE a revisit. This would more than likely include all the Netflix titles; “Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” “Marvel’s Luke Cage,” “Marvel’s Iron Fist,”Marvel’s Daredevil,” and “Marvel’s Defenders.”

The majority of the cast were pretty understandably heartbroken when the series was unceremoniously cancelled.

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Charlie Cox, photo by Mary Anne Butler

And Charlie Cox, Daredevil himself, would pick up the batons in a heartbeat if Marvel Studios and Disney were to revisit the character. He spoke with Entertainment Weekly about a month after the cancellation news, saying:

“I loved it. It’s been just the most incredible job for me. It’s so fun to do. You get to do all the acting obviously, which is great, but then there’s also this really fun physical aspect to it with all the stunts and the fight choreography.

“[when asked if he’d return] Oh my God, yeah. I don’t know how this would happen, but maybe one day we could pick up the baton and do it again.”

We hope you will, Charlie. We hope you will.

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