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XFL Suspends Operations, Lays Off All Employees Due to Coronavirus

XFL can’t seem to catch a break. The XFL is the football league that Vince McMahon chairman and CEO of WWE, has tried to set up to compete with the NFL. He was expecting to spend about $500 Million on employee salaries this year and was supposed to launch the games. He has eight teams that would all compete against each other and they would have had the last game April 26th. XFL COO Jeffery Pollock said employees were informed of the decision on Friday. 

The XFL at this point has not expressed any interest in returning in 2021. They are bleeding money at this point. It’s really too bad because this is the second attempt that McMahon had at creating his own football league. The first was in 2001 and that also folded after just one year.

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The coronavirus has effected many sports teams but this is even more unfortunate because it was the year in which the XFL would establish itself. There’s no stopping a pandemic but it has to hurt for all those involved. Hopefully they do return in 2021 if they can recuperate the losses and make up the difference.

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