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Decorate for Easter with a Bunny Projection from AtmosFX

The current quarantine situation is impacting the upcoming holidays. No celebrating with family except on Zoom or Skype or Facetime. No gathering in groups for Easter services (or Passover). The Easter Bunny has been deemed an essential worker, but there will be no getting up close and personal with him, and no visits to the mall for pictures. No egg hunts for families that celebrate Easter. A suggestion that has been circulating is to have a different type of egg hunt, in which people put egg decorations in their windows and children can “hunt” for them while walking around their neighborhood.

So why not liven up your home with an Easter projection in your window? AtmosFX, which has a number of thrilling Halloween and Christmas video projections, also has projection effects for some other holidays, including Easter. These videos feature Hoppy the bunny and are found on the AtmosFX site under Hoppy Easter.

There are three sets of videos that you can project: “Hoppy’s Garden”, “Eggstravaganza”, and “Abracadabra”. All feature Window/Wall/TV/Hollusion modes. So if you have children in your house, you can also project the videos on the wall or show them on a TV (assuming compatibility and more tech savvy than I have). Or if you really want to wow your neighborhood, you can project a large video on the side of your house.

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Hoppy’s Garden

As you can guess from the title, this video has a floral motif with 2 scenes. In “Hoppy’s Garden” Hoppy the rabbit hops in and plants some seeds, watering them to help them grow. And grow they do! Soon a trio of large flowers with eggs at their centers have grown and bloomed. Hoppy returns to collect the brightly colored eggs from the flowers, which then disappear in a cloud of purple smoke. The video lasts about 53 seconds. In “Hoppy Waves”, Hoppy the rabbit hops onscreen, waves to the audience, and then hops away. The video lasts about 15 seconds and comes with or without the background scenery.


Eggstravaganza also includes 2 scenes. The focus of “Eggstravaganza” is Hoppy painting a huge Easter egg in various bright colors. It comes with and without the background scenery. The video lasts 59 seconds (Hoppy applies several colors and patterns while decorating his egg). In the short video “Rainbow” (20 seconds), Hoppy comes onscreen carrying an Easter basket. A rainbow then arches over his head, and he hops offscreen. The rainbow then disappears.


Abracadabra has one 57 second long video with a variety of formats (including with/without background). Hoppy hops on screen carrying a basket full of eggs. He then does some tricks with the eggs, making them disappear and then reappear and then juggling the eggs before hopping offscreen again.

Each of the scenes is available as a digital download for $7.99 from the AtmosFX site. The various uses of the videos (Window, Wall, TV, Hollusion) are demonstrated in the video below.

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