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New Keds with a Garden of Embroidered Flowers

Shoes with prints are always super cool, but it’s even cooler when that print is done in great detail.  These shoes in particular are embroidered with a gorgeous design that looks like it came right out of springtime, or some kind of beautiful fairy tale.

Keds has released a shoe that sports a lovely array of flowers embroidered on the sides and top against a white backdrop, and they are wonderful.  The flowers interact almost as though they are arranged in a boquet, and the design is unique from left shoe to right shoe, so it isn’t a repeated pattern on the pair.  The shoes are made so neatly and precise, and the floral imagery really pops.  They’re so delicate and yet they can definitely withstand what any good sneaker is capable of.  They truly look like they’re delicately handmade with a great attention to detail.

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The shoes are available here from Anthropologie for $85.  The canvas is cotton, as is the insole, and has a slight platform height of 1.25 inches.  The sole is bright white while the lace and tops look to be a bit more of an off white, and the back of the shoe has a pale brown leather strip up the stitching.  They do look quite comfortable, and are made with this in mind.

Keds has a motto: “Ladies First Since 1916”, with the idea of making shoes that give women the opportunity to travel to wherever they want, giving them comfort throughout their day. This shoe definitely looks like it could take you anywhere.

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