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Man Decides to Make a Tiny Picnic Table for the Squirrels

A lot of us love small animals.  A lot of us also love small animals with small accessories or furniture.  One such man built decided to build something fun for the squirrels that would visit his yard; a tiny picnic table.

Rick Kalinowski often gets squirrels in his yard, and enjoyed watching them run around doing as they do.  He realized he wanted to give back to the squirrels that made his yard a lively place throughout the years. So, with some extra wood pieces he had, he built the table, benches included, and nailed it to the top of the fence in his backyard.  To add to it, he put out a nice buffet of nuts on the table for the squirrels to feast upon.

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And sure enough, a squirrel saw the addition to the backyard and investigated it, soon sitting at the bench and eating away.  Eventually, squirrels would visit the table twice a day to relieve it of all the nuts covering the tabletop, and it would appear that visiting the table was now a part of their daily routine.  They would happily fill themselves up, and Kalinowski was extremely pleased to see that they loved it.

Kalinowski purposefully put the table within direct eyesight from his door, which is where he has his morning coffee every day.  Normally he can see the squirrels from here, but now that the table is there, he watches them sit down for some fine dining on the fence.  Together they enjoy their breakfast like this.  Kalinowski says it’s his way of repaying the little critters that liven up his yard and give him happiness each day.  And he believes that they truly appreciate it.

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