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A Sims Player Has Made Tiger King Cast Members For The Sims4

It seems that everyone these days is either talking about the COVID-19 virus or Tiger King. And if you haven’t heard about Netflix’s newest documentary Tiger King, then you see seriously missing out. It’s a train wreck of a documentary, and honestly you can’t look away. It’s taking the Internet by storm, and honestly I didn’t know I needed something this  in my life until I actually watched it. It’s the new meme and it even opened up a cold case to see what happened to Carol’s Husband. In a nutshell this show has got everybody talkin. 

Just as the memes are quick for the show so is oh, well, the Sim community. yes it was only a matter of time until one sim Creator decided to create Joe exotic and the rest of the gang on The Sims.

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Let’s be real here Kari Nicole Mckendrick has gotten the details down even to Joe’s eyeliner. How incredible is that? And taking advantage of the Sims pet expansion she even created the tigers for The Sims to play with! Kari has stated on her Facebook that she promises that she will be putting out more content of the Tiger King for The Sims. One can only hope that she will add Doc Antle and his nine wives.

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