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This Impossible Clear Jigsaw Puzzle is the Definition of Insanity

I can spend hours on huge jigsaw puzzles that have beautiful outcomes or pretty pictures, and then display it for a week or so in the living room. But apparently, there’s also an entirely clear jigsaw puzzle, and yes, even though it solely contains see-through pieces, you can display it for the sake of your pride too!

This cruel puzzle is available on Etsy from the seller LittleFlowerPotShop. There are four versions for four different levels of insanity: the easiest one contains nine pieces, the “okay” one consists of 25, the hard has 49, and the “crazy” version has 144 tiny pieces. Price ranges from $17 to $25.

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The shop guaranteed that there are no repeated pieces, and only a single correct solution.

Unfortunately, it seems like many people have quickly purchased the puzzle, so it’s currently sold out. Fox News reported that the demand for puzzles has spiked 370% during the past two weeks when many are in quarantine. But the good news is that the seller is planning to restock sometime soon in April! You can add yourself to the waitlist here if you’re up for this “impossible” challenge!

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