The Waffle Maker That Lets You Play with Breakfast, Lego Style

Creative food gadgets are a lot of fun, and they’re even more fun when they make your breakfast interactive.  A kickstarter has been made for a waffle maker that creates connectable building bricks out of your batter, which then allows you to stack them on your plate in whatever fashion you choose.  Whether for a kid or an adult, this idea looks like so much fun!

The sleek waffle maker comes with a sectioned griddle that creates several differently shaped bricks for you to enjoy and to create with.  It has two long brick sections with four connecting bumps, two singular bricks, and ten bricks with two bumps each.  The cute and crafty designs you could come up with are of endless possibilities, and the kickstarter page even shows what some creations look like.  You can also decorate your little builds with fruits or sprinkles.

The pledge was funded within the first 30 hours of being launched, so hopefully we’ll see this item around soon.  Those who did pledge were able to receive a waffle maker, and some pledges even came with building block plates that can be used as a base for your builds.  And you can use whatever batter you choose, of course, for your favorite flavor of waffle.  Maybe even add some food coloring for differently colored blocks.

This product’s early design looked much different than the final product, but you can see the journey they took to come up with the perfect device.  It’s a very neat design that can be used for so many occasions.  Imagine hosting a waffle building block party with one of these with a few friends!  A great idea for breakfast, or even for whatever time of day you might just be craving some waffles and architecture.

The creators of the product have indeed made it clear that their product is not associated with LEGO or any other building block companies.  You can view the kickstarter here!

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