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Customer Leaves Helpful Post-It Notes For People at Walmart

I work retail, that’s probably all you need to know right now during this time. I constantly get bugged, and asked for the same thing day in and day out. Look Walgreens is not like those big box stores, we do not get shipments every day, and no we don’t know when we’re getting stuff. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. All right, the reason why I’m writing. In this day and age we need something to make us laugh. I thought perhaps that the legendary girl who left all those signs at Costco did an outstanding job. It actually brought a smile to my face and I actually want to try to leave signs like that at my work. But I’m pretty sure it will be frowned upon. But then again what my boss doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

But just imagine shopping through Walmart and you see little post-it notes like this. I don’t know about you but these would brighten my day up instantly.

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