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Backstreet Boys To Go Live With A Concert To Cheer Us Up

Look I get it, living our lives in quarantine is probably not how we envisioned our year to go. Man I got to tell you we introverts have planned this for all our lives, but I don’t think we planned it to be this extreme. I find myself roaming around my apartment, cleaning up anything I could really find. I’ll look for a speck of dust that must be cleaned.

Well some good things actually come out of this, I have been able to explore the catacombs in Paris even visit the Winchester House virtually of course. and it seems that a lot of artists these days are taking to their Instagram or Facebook live to give us a little treat to make quarantine not so bad after all.

well my beloved backstreet boys whom I love dearly with all my heart, just so you know Howie the cute one, they will be throwing their own living room concert next week to cheer us up. And boy am I so excited to know that my boys are here and they’re looking out for us. They will be performing along with many other artists as well!

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Tune in to your iheartmedia radio stations and Fox TV Sunday March 29th from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. PST. 

I love you Howie

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