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Italian Man Wears Giant Disk to Encourage Social Distancing

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And that right now is social distancing. One man came up with a solution in the wake of COVID-19 as to how he can go out and still maintain his distance from others. And for him that meant wearing a giant disk with a one meter radius surrounding him. He was going around picking up trash with a long object when someone asked him why he was wearing the crazy thing. He responded in Italian, “For Coronavirus.”

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Outside of China, Italy is the next country in line with the highest number of confirmed cases, totaling 63,927 with 6077 deaths, according to the latest report from Worldometer. Italy has suffered much with this global pandemic but people continue to find ways to keep their spirits up. Like singing from the balconies.

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The recommended distance between people is much farther than just one meter. It’s actually six feet and you can’t touch anything that the other person has touched for a specified amount of time.

This may be my next convention outfit though, for whenever they open back up. Keep your distance and bide your time until they come up with a vaccine for COVID-19. Stay safe!

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