These Elegant Giraffe Sculptures Carry Light into Your Home

Funky lighting fixtures can be a lot of fun when coming up with décor ideas for the home.  Qeeboo and Marcantonio have given us a truly precious lamp design that will definitely add a whacky vibe to your abode.

These lamps are giraffe sculptures carrying chandeliers in their mouths that can be wall mounted or full size.  They’re adorably called “Giraffe in Love”, and they embody whimsy and elegance all in one.  You could easily impress high-society folk with one of these, or you could just as well intrigue the more eccentric people in your life.

The giraffes come in three styles: full size, XS full size, or wall mounted.  The full body giraffe is made from fiberglass, and they’re magnificently tall and beautiful to look at, with a lovely Marie-Therese styled chandelier held in their mouths almost like the branch of a tasty tree.  These ones appear to only be available in white, and are intended more for outdoors or tall ceilings, as they’re over four meters tall.  The XS full size is made of polyethylene plastic, and is only about 39 inches tall.  This smaller one is available in six different colors and still look just as entertaining as the big ones.

The wall mounted lamps are fiberglass as well, featuring the giraffe’s neck and head from the shoulder area up and available in black or white.  This one comes 68 inches tall, so it’s probably similar to the head size of the full size giraffe.  The wall mounted might be a bit stranger than the full sized ones, but it will still add a very different feel to your home.

The lamps can be bought from 1stdibs, but are definitely not cheap.  The XS full size is $539 per lamp, the wall mounted $3,915 per lamp, and the full size a whopping $39,150 per lamp.  Regardless, they’re still a very fun creation to decorate with.

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