Artist Imagines ‘The Legend of Zelda’ in Baroque Period Paintings

The Legend of Zelda” is one of my favorite franchises, and if we are talking among gaming franchises then it is definitely my number one. Well, it’s a close neck and neck with “Animal Crossing“. Sometimes if I am not busy I love to look through Tumblr for whatever I can find under the Zelda tag. I was searching the other day and came across this image, titled “Hero of Time” by the illustrator, Ástor Alexander.

Okay seeing an image of a realistic painting of Link clutching the decapitated head of Ganondorf which immediately piqued my interest. Okay, and it you don’t recognize its source inspiration, it was designed after David with the head of Goliath.

Pretty neat right? The fact that someone had taken baroque period artwork and slammed it with The Legend of Zelda?! Naturally I immediately went looking for more, and good ole’ google was my hero and I was able to find the artist and the rest of the artwork. Take a look at Ástor Alexander’s other brilliant creations.

The Beast and the Princess

Never in my wildest imagination was I able to find something so gorgeous! Each of these are so beautiful, and I just may have some room in my home for a few of these beauties.

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