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Should You Monitor Your Gamer Child’s Computer?

There are a number of things we have been told regarding the children and their acquaintance with the gadgets. They are getting involved with them for maximum time and later this addiction kills their academic future. No matter whether you are talking about computers, tablets, televisions or smartphones, children are getting involved with them more than the requirement. When the time comes to think about the parents, it is their duty to keep the children on track and they should be advised wisely to keep all these addictions at bay. Make sure that they are not abusing the access that they have and what content they are viewing should be properly managed which will be suitable for their age. 

Here are reviews of some parental control apps and programs that will help the parents a lot to get an upper hand on the children. 

  1. FamiSafe 

FamiSafe is known as one of the most popular parental control apps that will always provide assistance to the parents to control their kids. It is popular for its outstanding features. People who are not able to go with this app directly, they can choose the free trial version instead. At the present time, it is considered as one of the top android apps that always make a great way forward to get firm control over the children. 

Features of FamiSafe 

  • It comes with a real-time GPS location tracker along with a custom geo-fencing service. 
  • You can either block or unblock the phone application on a daily basis. 
  • Easy access to browser history along with internet usage. Parents can easily set the web filter any time they want. 
  • It comes with a content scrutiny option. It will assist to track and detect the dangerous content on the phone and internal memory. Parents will get an alert signal if there are any kind of suspicious images that have been downloaded. It will easily let the parents know about worse things like sex or pornographic content.
  • It helps to control the screen time. Parents can easily squeeze the screen time to force the children to give time on studies.  
  1. Spyzie 

Spyzie is known as another most used parental control app. It also emphasizes on cleaning the interface that will be easy for the parents to properly pick up and use the children’s data for the parents. Additionally, it comes with a huge range of monitoring qualities and you can easily access the entire report of the activity of the children.

Features of Spyzie 

  • It supports different platforms including Android, iOS, Kindle, Nook, Windows and Mac OS.
  • Parents can easily track the calls and SMS of the gadget.
  • Complete control over the screen time.
  • Easy control over social media activity.
  • Real-time GPS location tracking along with the panic button.
  • Automatic block on unauthorized and offensive online materials.  
  1. mSpy 

mSpy is known for its fast installation quality. It is a perfect app that will cater to a perfect option for the parents to control the children’s activity over computers and other gadgets. It can easily monitor your children’s device uses along with social media activities. No matter how advanced that device is, this app has firm control over them.

Features of mSpy 

  • You can easily view the instant message and other activities without wasting any time. This app will allow you to monitor them remotely.
  • Parents are able to check out call history, messages along with contacts on the device.
  • They are able to monitor all the files including photos, videos, and music.
  • Real-time GPS location tracker.
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  1. Kaspersky Safe Kids 

When the time comes to monitor the virtual activities of the kids, Kaspersky comes on top of the list. It has come with a perfect and powerful solution to monitor kids. The same kid’s version is being designed properly to provide the features by which, you can easily keep your kids safe in real-time and when they are using the device.

Features of Kaspersky Safe Kids

  • Round the clock real-time location tracking.
  • History of the device usages along with device blocks feature.
  • It can be easily installed in iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac platforms.
  • Automatic internet suspicious material blocks.  
  1. Net Nanny 

Net Nanny is one of the most popular parental control apps that can be easily installed on Android phones. It provides a complete grip on the internet management feature and is able to meet the requirement of the parents to get a grip on their children. It provides different types of packages to monitor dissimilar devices. In order to get the right control over one device, you have to invest according to that.

Features of Net Nanny 

  • Automatic block to the offensive contents from online.
  • Easy screen and app time management.
  • Alerts to the notification.
  • Easily control the device.
  • Complete filter over the internet.
  • Able to support different platforms including Windows, iOS, Android   
  1. Norton Parental App 

This is one of the best parental apps for Android. It provides a wide extension of tools that will work in different devices and provides you the tool that will be able to keep your children safe no matter which type of digital device they are being used.

Features of Norton Parental App 

  • It provides online web and device real-time supervision.
  • Easy set up for online search keywords and alerts.
  • Easily and strictly monitor social media activities.
  • Give a safeguard to personal information.
  • Tracking calls and SMS from the phone.
  • Easy GPS location tracking.
  • It can be easily installed on different platforms including Windows, iOS, Mac OS.

These are some of the best picks of the parental apps that will easily monitor the online and offline activity of the kids. These apps will surely provide a firm grip on these kids by exposing their activities on gadgets. You can easily download them and can install them in your device to track your kids.

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