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Join The Squad, The Squirtle Squad

Are you a Pokemon fan but also kind of a Bad A**? Well then we may have just found the best statement necklace for you. It’s a crystal embellished Squirtle straight out of the Squirtle Squad in episode 12 season 1. And if you wear this just like a real squad member we’ll know your not all bad. You’re just out trying to keep your buddies safe from people like Team Rocket.

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“This silver tone Browns X The Dan Life Squirtle crystal necklace is crafted with brass and features a slim chain with a blue and gold tone crystal embellished Pokémon Squirtle pendant. Seeing that he’s listed as one of the five coolest Pokémons, Squirtle obviously made it into the Browns X The Dan Life necklace selection. In his angular sunglasses, Squirtle is the same species of awesome as you.”

You can check it out by visiting But you’ll want to act soon because these will be sold out in no time.

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