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Simpsons Temporary Tattoos Are A Must Have For Any Simpsons Fan

I love The Simpsons (yes even the new episodes) I have been a fan of theirs since I was a kid. I remember when the new episodes came out on Thursday night. But if you have been a fan as long as I have you know all the great one liners and you know all of the references as well. Such as Stonecutters, The Bart The!, Hellfish and so on. Why not show your pride in a tattoo! Well if you don’t want the commitment don’t worry Popcultcha has got you covered, literally, with these temporary Simpsons tattoos!

Just remember if you are going to use the Stonecutter it better be on your butt. Because you know, you are the chosen one just like Homer.

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Check them out by following the link here.

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