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This Snorlax Baby Onesie Makes Kids Look Even Cuter

Let’s face it. When you had a kid it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. But one of the perks of being a parent is getting to swoon over all of the cute little outfits you now get to dress your baby in. As they get older and start having an opinion it becomes harder and harder for you to get them to wear what you want. But when they’re small you can get away with almost anything. And this Snorlax onesie is every Pokemon moms dream.

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First of all when they are sleeping in it its totally cute. And it’s soft so you will want to get extra cuddly with them. Even more so than you already are. This onesie was found on and it has two versions. The 3-9 months version comes with the feet and paws built in whereas the older versions of it do not. It’s a good thing they have built in paws for the younger ones because let me tell you, clipping a tiny babies nails is terrifying. Word of advice, do it while they’re sleeping if you can.

It shows the price under $20 which is a pretty good deal for jammies your kid can wear all the time. Follow this link to go to the listing.

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