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Live Action ‘Bambi’ In The Works

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news today that a live action Bambi is now in the works. After the success of The Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast it would seem that they are continuing to move down the list of old cartoons to remake. Whether or not we adults want it doesn’t really matter as a new era with updated technology and CGI technology has taken over kids cinema. And to be honest, my kids going to love a movie about a “real deer”.

Penning the script will be Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Lindsey Beer. Chris and Paul Weitz and Andrew Miano will be producing under their company Depth of Field.

The original Bambi in 1942 got three Oscar nominations including best song, best score and best sound. Hollywood Reporter also tells us that the studio is viewing this remake as a companion piece to Jungle Book and The Lion King.

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We still have no word on who will voice the lovable characters such as Bambi, Flower, Thumper and the rest but we can assume that most or all will be A or B list actors. With the lead of Bambi as an adult someone of notable status. They will likely remake “Little April Showers” and or create new songs for the adaptation, if they choose to make it more of a musical this time around. While Lion King did well that could also be attributed to the songs that they chose to reinsert into the film from the original and Bambi just doesn’t have that many songs compared to cinematic music.

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