Artist Creates Driveable Tie Fighter & Takes it Through the Neighborhood

Allan Carver, an artist who is known for all kinds of projects and builds has recently completed his newest creation. And it’s ready to blow us all out of the water. A giant Tie Fighter was created with the use of a bunch of electric wheelchair motors and you can actually sit inside and steer it. Imagine driving your kids to school only to see this pull up behind you. The Tie Fighter is controlled with an R/C Remote control and has built in sound effects. You can watch the video posted to Allan’s Youtube down below.

He says on his site

The Last Jedi was coming out and I just scored a bunch of electric wheelchair motors. Hmmm…. what to do… what to do…Of course, build a giant electric remote controlled tie fighter big enough to sit in, complete with sound effects and music track. Steel tube frame covered with L200 foam on the body and 2″ thick rigid insulation foam for the wings.
DX8 RC receiver that connects to a Sabertooth dual-motor driver. Audioboard connected to a 30-watt amplifier.

This is basically a go kart of enviable measures. There isn’t a person alive who loves Star Wars and wouldn’t want this sitting in their garage. You can follow Allan on Instagram by clicking on any of the posts below. These posts show his process of building the Tie Fighter and show us all exactly how much went into it.

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