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New Promos For Crisis On Infinite Earths

It’s The First Glimpse At Their Last Stand

A five part episode crossover are hitting television this december – The CW will be airing the epic comic book crossover Crisis On Infinite Earths. Promos are now being released, featuring tidbits of scenes from said series.

While multiple images were revealed in an ET Exclusive, TV promos Youtube channel has released all the show promos for the upcoming event.

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As for the ET photo drop, they feature several character interactions between all our heroes although non-Cw characters, such as Brandon Routh’s Superman, aren’t here.

Many of these images are still, showing our heroes mostly just emoting at something or to each other.

The promo media give fans several different details of whats to come, including Clark and Lois’s son, Lyla Michaels suited up as Harbinger, the death of Black Lightnings world, a torn super cape and more.

So what’s your opinion on these images ? Do they excite you, or are they glimpses of problems to come ? Let us know in the Comments down below.

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