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Fun Advent Calendars For All Ages!

I know, I know. We haven’t even past Halloween yet, but some of us are general holiday season lovers. We have the same love for Halloween that we have for Thanksgiving and Christmas. That makes it okay to talk about these amazing advent calendars!

Advent calendars are countdowns to Christmas in which every day reveals a treat for the calendar holder. Traditionally, the Advent countdown is religiously driven, but today it has become a fun treat for kids (and adults) anticipating the Christmas holiday. 

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Here are some of the coolest calendars for 2019!

Harry Potter

One of the most popular themes for…really anything. There are some particularly fun Harry Potter calendars.


This calendar reveals a cute Harry Potter pop figure for every door opened.


The LEGO calendar gifts you pieces to create your own Howgarts holiday scene — Hedwig included!

Hot Topic

This one is super fun! A Christmas tree pops up, and each calendar door reveals an ornament to hang on the (pop-up) tree! 


Funko – Marvel

Who doesn’t want adorable tiny Marvel pop figures?! Funko has released a Marvel Advent calendar, and it’s pretty super! It also celebrates Marvel’s 80th anniversary!

Ooshies- DC Comics

I’ve never heard of Ooshies before, but they look fun! Get a new squishy DC figure on your countdown to Christmas!

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Another fun calendar from Funko! Collect mini Fortnite pop figures with this countdown!

Super Mario

Celebrate the advent season with this cute Super Mario themed calendar! It includes 17 figures and 7 accessories!


Storybook Collection

Perfect if you have little Disnerds of your own! Each day of this calendar reveals a Disney storybook to read! Gives you a new bedtime story for 24 nights! 

Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 was a highly anticipated movie this year. It’s fitting that there’s an advent calendar themed after it! Get cute mini figure from this one!

Disney Jr.

This one include classic Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. It also includes some new faces like Doc McStuffins! It’s sure to bring excitement to you little ones!

Honorable Mention: Target Days of Socks

These aren’t true advent calendars because they only cover 15 days. Even so, they are super cute and super practical! Countdown days to the holiday and get 15 new pairs of socks for the new year! They come in various themes including Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, and princesses! SO. CUTE!

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