Bowling For Soup Change Music Anthem to fit 2019

Music has the power to transport you to a different period in time. The warm fuzzies of nostalgia flood in with just a few recognizable chords. 

Maybe I’m dating myself when I say that I ROCKED “Girl All the Bad Guys Want” by Bowling for Soup, but I do so unashamedly! We all have those embarrassing musical periods in our lives. I’ve gone through music from Hilary Duff, Dashboard Confessional, Chris Brown, Drake, HIM, the Glee Cast, and Pierce the Veil (to name a few) and I’m grateful for all of it!

Coming off a long weekend, this throwback is what we needed to soften the blow of returning to our regular schedules. Bowling For Soup caught up with BBC Radio 1 at the Reading Festival a couple weekends ago. They took to updating the early 2000s anthem to be more fitting of 2019, and it does not disappoint. It does make me feel my age, though.

The Reading Festival looked to be quite the weekend, giving Coachella a run for its money (and musical reputation). Other performers for the weekend included Bastille, The 1975, Post Malone (mentioned in the anthem’s update), Billie Eilish, and The Foo Fighters. A great mix of acts for any music lover. Located in the UK, attending this festival could make for a great vacation experience!

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