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12 of the Coolest Nerdy Sand Sculptures

It’s Summertime! And that means escapades to your local beach. If you are lucky you will get to see some awesome sand sculpting or perhaps you make your own beach art. Whatever the case this summer heat has inspired me to look up some of the coolest nerdy sand sculptures for your enjoyment. So no need to fair the heat, sit back and enjoy a few images of some amazing art.

12. Spider-Man

11. Sponge Bob

10. Pirates of the Carribbean

9. Dr. Who

8. R2D2 and C3PO

7. 007

6. Slightly Disturbing Ewoks

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5. Jurassic Park

4. Disney Princesses

3. Jaws

2. Alien Xenomorph

1. Vader & Friends

What did you think of all these amazing sculptures? If you want to see more you can search Flickr for Sand Sculptures. And if you liked this list you would probably like this one as well! Check it out!

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