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You Can Now Buy Andes in a 3lb Bag on Amazon

There are a few candies in life that I will go out of my way to obtain. Twix, Watchamacallit, and Andes creme de mints. Now, you may think I am being weird, and that is fine, totally okay with it. I ABSOLUTELY hate anything mint flavored. It’s like mouthwash or toothpaste. Yeah, mint chocolate chip? That little sucker can burn in hell for all I care. But here we have a delicate blend of chocolate and mint, and what I mean by delicate is, it’s not gonna attack and kill you with overly minty flavor. It’s just perfect. 

Even for a short time we had cookies. COOKIES!!!

But sadly they went away. They live in my heart and memories forever. Bless. 

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Recently I had been roaming around and just wanted to look up some things to add to my ever growing list of items in my shopping cart. When low and behold my eyes did catch something of very big interest. A 3lb bag of knock off Andes Creme de Menthe candies. 

For ONLY $29.99!

Yes my friends of this delectable candy, WE CAN GET A 3LB BAG. And oh my goodness do I need this now in my life! Since the 1950’s this lovely candy has been filling our candy bowls and hearts. I salute you mint candy that actually gives me hope for mint flavored items. 

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