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Free-to-Play Action RPG ‘Dauntless’ Comes to PS4

Ready to hunt some giant monsters but can’t wait for Monster Hunter: World Iceborne for some new content? Well you are in luck! PS4 hunters can now take on a new title, slayers. The free-to-play monster-hunting co-op adventure Dauntless is officially available on PS4!

Beginning today, players can download Dauntless for free on the PlayStation store. If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, six exclusive PlayStation-inspired weapon skins are included with your download. These skins will allow you to start off your hunts with style. Additionally, Phoenix Labs has made massive additions to the core game including new Behemoths, quests, and an all new Mastery system.

The new sword and axe PlayStation skins!

Similar to Monster Hunter, Dauntless sees players taking down massive beasts known as Behemoths. Players harvest parts from these creatures for better armor and weapon pieces. They then take on more challenging creatures, repeating the the process to get better and rarer weapons and armor. The new Mastery system promises a new approach to the combat of Dauntless, by providing new ways to engage with every weapon class and Behemoth. Players will prove their skills on Behemoth and gear-related cards which allow them to earn bonus experience, check off achievements, and unlock new combat customization options.

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There are some real crazy-looking Behemoths to challenge

Dauntless is also introducing a new Hunt Pass season starting May 21st. Titled the Hidden Blades, this season transforms the hub town of Ramsgate for the Moon Blossom Festival. Slayers will have the chance to obtain a large array of thematic gear during the event. They have the opportunity to work through 50 levels of content at the basic and elite tracks, earning cosmetic pieces that show off their inner assassin. Additionally, premium currency can also be earned during the festival.

Ramsgate is about to get a lot more colorful

So it’s time to gear up, gather your friends, and slay some Behemoths. The Shattered Isles are just waiting for you to come and explore!

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