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Fan Creates “Tokoyami” Alternate Universe for “My Hero Academia”

My Hero Academia is an incredible anime. Almost from its inception, the series garnered a massive fanbase due to its quirky yet fallible super heroes in training. In a society in which super powers have become the norm, there are naturally going to be many people that don’t look like humans. From sharks to cats and even orca whales, seeing characters with anthropomorphic traits is a common occurrence. No character in class 1-A encompasses this concept better than Tokoyami.

Tokoyami is a student whose head resembles a black bird. In many ways, his head looks similar to that of a crow or hawk. One fan, who goes by @ommanyte, decided to take this concept and run with it. @ommanyte imagined an alternate universe of My Hero Academia in which all of the characters have bird heads. Some of their choices make sense, such as Present Mic having the vibrant plumage of a yellow-crested cockatoo. Equally, it makes sense that Iida, whose quirk involves speed thanks to engines in his calves, would have the head of the fast-footed roadrunner.

Kirishima is one buff cardinal
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Some of @ommanyte’s other choices are sure to leave fans wondering though. For example, why did they choose to give Momo the head of a grey crowned heron? And why is Deku a great horned owl when he often makes decisions that are not exactly wise. We will likely never know. But it is still fun to look at this artwork and imagine what this alternate universe could be like.

Although human Tokoyami is undeniably terrifying

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